Interpreting & Translation Center in Tyumen city

Interpreting & Translation Center provides comprehensive, high quality, efficient, confidential and professional interpreting and translating services.

Our company employs only competent and skilled professionals. Our interpreters are experts in business communication and etiquette, possess extensive experience in working with foreign and Russian customers and have experience of working abroad, which is quite important in the translation of meetings, conferences and seminars.

We fruitfully cooperate with private individuals as well as with large companies.


Written Translations

We are diligent, reliable, hardworking, always finish on time, and never exceed the quote we give you.

Written translation is a reproduction of the content of the original document by means of the language of translation, in written form.

The principal service rendered by Interpreting & Translation Center is written translation of texts and documents from foreign languages into Russian and from Russian into foreign languages. We have vast experience in translating large volumes of text, and maintaining uniform terminology and translation style, which is an important component of work quality.

We translate service manuals, shop manuals, specifications, business proposals, feasibility studies, technical and economic assessments, annual reports, presentation slides, advertising materials, catalogues and brochures. Technical translation also would not be a problem for our team.

Before a translation is delivered to the customer, it is verified and proofread for the following:

•   translation integrity, including the availability of all the necessary graphics and tables in a text;
•   accurate reproduction of content and terminology (equivalency and adequacy of translation);
•   correct spelling and grammar; compliance with language standards;
•   absence of misprints and other errors, including any spelling mistakes undetectable
     by automatic means;
•   adherence to other arrangements with the customer related to any specific features
     of a translation project.

In performing written translations, we use contemporary tools: computer software, including Translation Memory, modern electronic and hard copy dictionaries, industry and corporate glossaries.

When performing multi-page written translations, we work in contact with our customers to ensure uniform terminology of the documents translated, and compile corporate glossaries for each customer. These glossaries ensure the consistency of translation and adherence to the terminology conventional for a customer company.


Consecutive oral translation forms an essential part of any serious negotiations with foreign partners and customers. In many cases, the success of negotiations relies on the quality of translation and professional skills of translators.

Interpreting & Translation Center provides consecutive translation services in Tyumen and surrounding areas. Oral translations are performed by our highly professional translators with expertise in particular subjects.

In Consecutive translation, the speaker will pause after a completed sentence or thought for the translator to present the translation. The key skill to be mastered by such interpreters in translation schools (in addition to language skills, of course) is to expand their retentive, or "retaining", memory which allows them to memorize rather lengthy sentences while preparing a translation.


Notarization of translated documents (legalization of the translator's signature) means certification of the translated material to be followed by legalization or apostille, or else to be submitted to authorities.


An apostille is a special seal applied to certify that a document is a true copy of an original and does not require further authentication, in accordance with the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents signed on October 5, 1961 and ratified in the Russian Federation on May 31, 1992). Apostilles are issued by authorities in the Russian Federation as a party to the Hague Convention and recognized by official bodies of all member states to the Convention.


Our professionals speak the following foreign languages:



To get a price quote on your translation project, please provide us the following information:

•   Your full name
•   Your company
•   Your e-mail
•   Type of service (Translation or Interpretation)
•   Do you need notarization? (Yes or No)
•   Source language
•   Target language
•   Translation subject areas
•   Estimated volume in pages (1800 characters = 1 page)
•   Deadline or estimated dates (hours) of interpreting


Interpreting & Translation Center
Russian Federation, Tyumen,
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Interpreting & Translation Center in Tyumen city

Interpreting & Translation Center in Tyumen city